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Gateway West is located at the prominent entrance to Mall of Africa just off Allandale Road, Midrand. It is one of two identical buildings that are mirror images of the other with an enlightened statement of modern architecture creating a sense of space as well as a striking sense of arrival to the precinct.


The bermed landscape around the border of the site creates a natural podium from which the building radiates, and with the sky reflections on the glass façade, gives a sense of weightlessness to the building. The planted berms frame the central piazza and reflection pond creating an open green space acting as a corporate square adjacent to the high end restaurants of Mall of Africa.


The indigenous planting and use of raw materials is a reflection of the Highveld landscape and lends itself to the notion of a natural setting in an urban environment as the materials used in the landscape installation are sourced from the immediate environment. The application of a drip line irrigation system contributes to the water wise strategies that are put in place which adds to the Silver LEED rating (4 Green Star equivalent) the building has achieved in addition to the other green elements that are applied making this site a good example of great design practice and extraordinary landscape architecture.

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