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BL (Pret) PrLArch


+27 (82) 571 5397

Daniel Rebel graduated with an Honours degree in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning at the University of Pretoria in 1991.


He has extensive experience in the field of commercial Landscape Architecture and estate planning. He was design director at the company Uys and White for the past 14 years.


He has been responsible for various large scale landscape design projects, open space planning, master and urban planning, design guidelines, tourism and recreational facilities, as well as detail designs.


His portfolio includes ground breaking designs and he was the recipient of a 2011 ILASA merit award for design excellence for the Eye of Africa project.


Specific expertise relating to landscape architecture, includes concept and detail design, soft landscape design, design of hard landscape and structural elements, sketch and master plans, preparation of cost estimates, working drawings and contract documentation as well as project management, site supervision and quality control.


His expertise relating to master planning as well as open space planning, includes research, site analyses, ecological analysis, design concepts, strategic planning as well as preparation of reports and presentations.

Professional Landscape Architectural Technologist

Wim Vunderink

PrLa Techno


+27 (74) 119 5868

Jako J v Rensburg

Junior Landscape Architect

ML (Prof)


+27 (78) 358 9659


Candidate Landscape Architect

ML (Prof)

+27 (72) 227 2808

Emmerentia Strydom


PA to Daniel Rebel

+27 (83) 314 2639

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